Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Animal Alphabet

I love my animal alphabet print series.
It was so much fun to draw out and color the last summer that we spent in our apartment.

And every now and again a customer will ask me about switching out an animal or reworking the colors to fit the decor of their child's bedroom/playroom etc. I am always excited about these requests because I really enjoy seeing how the prints look in new color combinations, or with the different animals in my shop.

This latest request was no objection.

I LOVE the colors requested for the "Lucas" set of letters, and Lucas' mom and dad also asked me if I could switch out a couple of the more girly animals (namely, the unicorn!) for something a bit more 'ferocious,' as they put it :)
Now, I am no good at making ferocious animals, and I tend to turn all that is mean or nasty looking into cute and adorable, but I think the Urchin came out pretty cool!

They also had me change the cow out for my 'Under the Sea-Crab' and the Sheep out for my 'Barnyard - Squirrel.' All in all I think it will look wonderful in a little boy's room, and I think I might make the Urchin a permanent feature in my shop!

What do you think?

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