Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flickr Favorites - Dresses

A while back Mitsy asked all of us flickr favorite makers to do a self portrait mosiac.
Some found it challenging, others inspiring. I had a lot of fun making mine. I didn't take it to a deep, incredibly personal level, instead choosing to write about the things I love, and what makes me, me. The reason I brought this is up is because lately I've been thinking a lot of about #7 on my self portrait mosiac: I Love Dresses

7: I love dresses.
I don't actually wear many dresses, but I love them. I wish there was a store that made dresses specifically for short people so I could wear more of them. (and by short I mean someone who is 5'1")

This might seem silly to some, but I really would wear a dress 365 days a year if weather permitted. Instead I've always opted for skirts because I can make them work for my short self. This isn't to say I haven't tried on 9.1 billion dresses in the hopes that ONE might be the right length, fit me just right up top, and flatter the angles in my body I am not the happiest with. (am I asking for too much?)

Sunday I found a dress while out shopping, oddly enough, for a coat for my husband and I to wear during bad weather when we're biking. (found a great one at Columbia, yay!)
It is sleeveless, and black with flowers all over it. There is a small ruffle in the front, and I only need to have my mom hem it maybe an inch or so before it is the perfect length!

This got me thinking that I really should just stop buying skirts, and hunt for some really nice fitting dresses if this is what I really want. I'll be able to wear them in the spring and fall with some tights and boots, and obviously in the summer (maybe winter if it is super mild? am I only day dreaming?).

Any suggestions on where I could look for some dresses?

Now I am off to clean out the closets of everything that has no been worn for 6months +
(the rule in our house is if you haven't worn it for 6 months or more, Good Will gets it). Of course that rule has to bend a little for the husband with his kidney transplant and all. In 6 months he has gained and lost a total of 111lbs!!
Starting weight: 160
Two days post transplant and on massive steroids: 185 (+25)
1 week post transplant, home, and off large amounts of steroids: 132 (-53)
5 months post transplant, and feeling great: 165 (+33)

Perhaps I will just raid my closet today.

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ArtMind said...

I love dresses too! I need to expand that section of my closet though.
But I also love skirts a lot!
Too bad the weather has dropped to fall temperatures again here. BOOHOO!
And I need to raid the closet too - too much stuff I haven't worn for a long time. It seems that I wear the same everyday! LOL :)
If clothes are comfy, you can bet on the fact that I go back to buy the same! ;)

BARBARIX said...

i loved to read all your thoughts about the dress and the skirt.
i love both,,.... but i end up always in jeans.

Clair said...

I too would wear dresses every day of the year, so long as I could find the right shoes - I don't want them letting in water!

You could try searching for dresses on Polyvore.com - they list dresses from lots of stores and it's a fun way to see how they might look in an outfit. Beware though, you might get sucked in - it's pretty compulsive! :)

Stephanie said...

Too late. . .I literally sat down just to check my email and have spent the last 30mins looking at that website instead of making dinner!

Thank you SO MUCH for sending that link to me though. I can already tell I am going to love it :)


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