Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flickr Favorites - Counting Sheep

So as most of you know I had a baby.
And it has been awesome. Amazing. Biggest Accomplishment of my Life.

But boy am I tired!!

This little piglet is up every 3hrs (or less) to feed, feed, feed. Then fuss, and feed some more. My favorite moment is when he looks up and me and smiles. I'd like to pretend it's because he sees my face and it makes him happy, but it is usually more or less because he just passed some gas.

As much as I love him I will be so so so so happy when he allows us to get just a little bit more sleep. We are a bunch of walking zombies in this house!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bag Lady

Sometimes I photograph the various hand sewn goodies my mom makes for her etsy shop. I don't mind helping her out, and often if I see something I love I can usually convince her to make me something similar as a 'thank you' for photographing everything for her :)

Her newest creations are zippered pouches. I own about a million of her hand sewn bags and I love them. Pretty zippered pouches are useful for so many things! Right now I'm tempted to make this one mine, because I adore the little lavender puppy!

Here are the newest batch of bags:

You can find these and a few more, here.
Which one is your favorite?!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Okay it really wasn't that much of a surprise was it!?

At 39weeks and 3days I woke up with cramps. And all day I walked around with cramps. Was I concerned? Nope. Was I excited? Nope. Why? My baby book told me contractions feel like a tight band around your belly spreading to your back. Is that how you would describe cramps? Nope!

So after an entire day of being uncomfortable I talked to my cousin (who is having her 2nd baby tomorrow!) who is a nurse, and she basically yelled at me and told me to get to the hospital. Still not convinced, I took a shower. Uh oh. Needless to say, I realized my "cramps" were contractions and we booked it to the hospital!

14hrs. later, no baby.
But I did spike a fever of 102.4

So after getting to experience 14hrs. of labor I got to experience a c-section.
And then my precious baby had to experience 8hrs of time in the NICU. (not before daddy got 99 pictures, and a quick kiss from me!)

This was not at all how I envisioned giving birth would go, but it's okay. My family came to visit and Lee was able to bring each of them down to the NICU to see our little bundle of joy. I was the last person to hold him, but it's true that you 'save the best for last' right?

Fast forward 4 days, another fever spike, and sleepless nights spent with my newest love, and we came home!

What? Pictures of feet aren't enough?
Here you go:

Rohan Alistair, 7lbs 7oz 19.5" long and completely perfect

(ps. Due to many people already getting the name wrong, it is pronounced rowin' like, "I'm rowin' a boat" and is sometimes spelled Rowan.)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flickr Favorites - Surprise

I have a surprise for you.
All will be revealed tomorrow.

This surprise started with an egg, took a lot of love and time to grow, and ended with picture four. Except we've gone with a different spelling.

I can not wait to share this most precious surprise with you.
Are you excited yet?

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flickr Favorites - In My Favorites

I've done this before.
I like to go through my favorites on flickr and compose a 'fickr favorites' out of my favorites. I often find a trend (bright colors, lots of hand knits, crafts, etc.) to my favorites and I get inspired by all the creativity out there.

I tried to make a semi-theme from my favorites this go round, by choosing things I've been decorating my house with recently. I have finished up a good 3 or 4 crocheted blankets for the baby to use once he's born (any day now child) and I've been wanting to create a fabric banner for his room for ages. Fabric banners are something I've recently decided are the coolest thing going. And that lime green doggie? Oh he and a few of his friends are totally chilling on my fridge waiting to hold up a billion photos of our soon to be little one.

They can't wait. :)
(and I love them to pieces Mitsy!)

As for the 'love yourself' message. Well, I definitely need to remind myself of that being over 39 weeks pregnant. The end ain't easy folks.

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Monday, February 7, 2011


For some time now I've been posting all this new work I've been doing. I've also been re-working some of the prints in my shop that I was never 100% happy with.
The prints I'm talking about are my Barnyard Animals series.

They started out like this:

I liked the color scheme alright, and I definitely liked all of the animals. There just seemed to be a little something missing. After thinking about it for quite some time I decided to redo the prints with the same animals and different backgrounds.

Here is a close up of one of the redone prints:

And here is a thumbnail of all the prints that have been reworked:

What do you think? I love them so much now, and think it was a great rework.
You can find all of them in my shop here. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flickr Favorites - Dream Home

This week Artmind created a theme for the flickr favorites. She asked us what our dream home would look like, inside and out.

This is what my dream home needs.
I love white, and have always wanted a white kitchen. My dream home needs a white kitchen and hard wood floors throughout.

The one thing I do not have right now is a craft and work space of my own. My dream home would have to have a place just for me!

And storage space. That is a must. I love when everything is neat and orderly (this would be great for my mounds of yarn in particular) and my dream home would need to have the space to allow me to put everything in a nice little area, but still be open and airy.

Of course my dream home has to have a space for my little one. He's not here yet, but any day now! Plus walking by a nursery room melts my heart. I like to do it at least 90 times a day.

And the outside of my dream home? Well ideally it would be a cottage on the beach. I also love brown stones. Around Valley Forge there are many old stone houses and I would love to live in one of them as well. I love a house with a little charm and character. And something that lets the sun shine in!

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