Monday, April 13, 2009

It Figures. . .(Lola Pattern)

Well until I figure out how to get my PFD linked to the blog here is the Lola pattern written out: (sorry, I wish I was more computer savvy than I am)


NOTE: This pattern is written with instructions for a small and med/lg sized glove (larger size in parentheses). I have small hands so the 40sts worked well for me. If you find you would like more than the 44sts simply increase your stitch count by a multiple of 4. Place 2 of those stitches on needle 2 and 2sts on needle 3. Enjoy!

Materials: 1 Skein Kersti Merino Crepe (114yards/104meters)

Size US 6 (4.0mm) DPN set of 4

Darning Needle, and Stitch Holder/Waste Yarn



Herringbone Stitch Pattern:

Row1:      *P1 . K1 (YO . Sl 1 stitch purl wise . K2 . PSSO 2knit sts) 3times . P1*

Row2:      *P1 (K2 . Sl 2sts just worked back to left hand needle . Pass 3rd stitch over the 2sts just worked, and then pass the 2sts back to the right needle . YO) 3times . K1 . P1*

Repeat these two rows for pattern


CO 40(44)sts and divide as follows:
Needle 1: 16
Needle 2: 12(14)sts      
Needle 3: 12(14)sts


Join to work in the round
Work 10rnds of 2x2rib  (K2.P2)


Now begin pattern as follows:
Needle 1:
   P2 . Work Herringbone Pattern . P2

Needle 2:   P2 . K10(12)sts

Needle 3:   K10(12)sts . P2


Keeping needles 2 and 3 the same for every row, work the herringbone pattern for 10 repeats (total of 20rows).




Work needle 1 in pattern and needle 2: P2 . K10(12)

For needle 3: K5(7) . slip the next 4sts onto a stitch holder or waste yarn and CO 4sts using the backward loop method. End K1 . P2


Continue in established pattern for 6 repeats (12 rows total).


Work 5 rows of 2x2rib and BO in rib pattern.


Place the 4sts from the stitch holder/waste yarn onto a dpn. Pick up an additional 10sts from around the thumb hole and divide over 2 dpns. (14sts total)

Knit all stitches for 5 rows or desired length and BO. 



CO for second glove, and work the same as the first glove until you finish the 10pattern repeat.


Needle 1: Work in pattern
Needle 2: P2 . K1 . slip the next 4sts to stitch holder/waste yarn, and CO 4sts using the backward loop method. End K5
Needle 3: K10(12) . P2

Continue as for the first glove to finish the second.



Weave in ends and enjoy!

Make for yourself or make as a gift, but please remember this pattern is copyright of Cabbages and Kings. No portion of this pattern may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the designer.

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