Thursday, February 26, 2009

7 Random Things

So the wonderful Jaimee of ModernClassicsKids has tagged me! Here I go, 7 things you didn't know you wanted to know about moi:

1. I'm a lefty, and I was born in August. When I was little I formed a lefty club with my grandpa, a lefty also born in August, and we are the only members. We have yet to meet anyone else who meets the criteria for joining our club (yes, we take it pretty seriously)   :)

2. I rescued our Lhasa, Nicholi. 

3. I am from a town so small it has no traffic lights.

4. I started college in special education, but ended up with a degree in ceramics. My secret wish has always been to work at a school for the blind in ceramics.

5. I knit. Obsessively.

6. I'm afraid of frogs. Their hopping is too spontaneous, and I live in fear one might hop on me (irrational?)

7. I was a bari sax jazz musician in highschool. I'm only 5"1' so the bari sax is roughly as tall as me. I miss it lots and lots.

There you have it! Now I want to know 7 Random Things about Artmind!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Sale Time

I've decided to have a sale in my etsy shop!

There is no special reason behind why, I just felt like having one! It's a simple buy 2 get 1 free sale and here are the details about it
Purchase any 2 items from my shop and receive a third item of equal or lesser value free! Do not purchase the third item, simply let me know which item you would like in the Message to Seller section of the order form. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Just wanted to share the most recent custom order I made for a wonderful customer on Etsy, named Eve. She was looking for a salt water themed growth chart for her son's room. I thought it turned out so cute that I would post it on here for everyone to see!  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crochet Dreams

I can't crochet. I have tried and tried, used books, pleaded with the fiber gods to let me understand how to make magic with one hook, but it was useless. If I don't have two needles I won't be making a thing. My crochet hooks are for simple picot edges, or weaving in loose threads on various knitting. Mostly I stare at them with disdain for not letting me in on their secrets to success.

There is one (actually two) reason I want to crochet. Queen . Ann's . Lace . I've wanted a Queen Ann's Lace scarf for as long as I have had a passion for fiber (it's not that long, I'm just going for some drama). My wonderful friend Mitsy has recently taken up crochet, and by recent I mean like two weeks ago. So you know I immediately pleaded with her to make this for me. So what if she only just picked up a hook again? And wonderful Mitsy said YES! 
This will be mine: (only it'll look 10billion times nicer because Mitsy will have made it)

How's that for lucky!? I was going to wait to get my actual scarf to do a post about it, but I am just so excited that I am giving a preview of what is to come. 

ps. The second reason I wish I could crochet is because I want a granny square blanket. Do you crochet? I'm looking for one in olive greens, mustard/golds, browns, and creams. ;)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Free To a Good Home

Not Really! Piper is definitely not free or for sale, but I just thought she looked so cute sitting in this box like I was trying to mail her off to destinations unknown. How could I not share this with everyone!?

ps. I purposefully put Nicholi in the box after taking this shot thinking he too would look so adorable. This is the result: (he didn't think it was as cute!)


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