Friday, February 6, 2009

Free To a Good Home

Not Really! Piper is definitely not free or for sale, but I just thought she looked so cute sitting in this box like I was trying to mail her off to destinations unknown. How could I not share this with everyone!?

ps. I purposefully put Nicholi in the box after taking this shot thinking he too would look so adorable. This is the result: (he didn't think it was as cute!)


Jaimee said...

How sweet!
My pup got trapped under a bin the other day (although, I think my 5 year old may have helped). It was hilarious watching her roam around the house like a turtle. And when she escaped, she tried to get back under. Of course, once I found my camera, she was done!

Stephanie said...

Jaimee- She's also stuck her head in a tissue box and roamed around with it stuck to her head! It was so pathetic I couldn't even take a picture, just take it off :)


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