Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flickr Favorites -Bright and Happy

I must say, after yesterdays CRAZY rain what I need is some sun!
Thankfully the sun is out right now and I plan on taking full advantage of it in Valley Forge. I love this time of year there because there are no tour buses out there, and you can just spend some quiet time surrounded by acres and acres of nature. It is also where Lee is working on getting his stamina back after the kidney transplant. We walk a little further each day, and he's made great progress.

Anyway, I decided I needed to make another bright and cheery flickr favorites to remind me of the nice sunny weather we are having today! Winter is still here, but I can feel spring getting a little closer everyday :)

If you'd like to play along this week head on over to Mitsy's blog and sign up!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Granny Squares

You wanted to hear more about my crochet projects right?

Well here is a picture of the latest and greatest! I've decided to make a full sized granny square afghan for our bedroom. I've enjoyed walking past the finished Wool Eater in the spare bedroom so much that I thought I'd make something for the room I actually spend time in!

The pattern comes from Lucy, who is the creator behind the lovely Attic24 blog. If you are a fan of happy colors and crochet I do suggest you bookmark her blog immediately! If you want to start your own blanket you can find the pattern here. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


A while back Miss Amanda, head of The Natural Dye Studio, made a beautiful cowl*. She asked people what they thought of it (I of course cheered, "It's Lovely!") and that was that.

I kept hoping she would release the pattern because I knew I wanted an Elizabeth Cowl of my own, but unfortunately it didn't look it would happen. Until one day when I got a message. I had been telling another Ravelry friend how much I had liked that cowl when Amanda asked me if I'd be interested in testing the pattern out for her. Me?! Why, YES!

And here it is:

I love wearing it out when we walk the dogs. It keeps my neck and face warm, but isn't as bulky as a full scarf. I knit it in The Natrual Dye Studios BFL Aran, but plan on making another one in NDS Caress (what Amanda chose to make hers out of).

Should you be in the market for the perfect cowl, and you can handle basic crochet, then this is the project for you! You can find the pattern on here, or here.

Speaking of wearing my cowl while walking the dogs, I should be getting to that right about now!

* you can only view this pattern if you are a member of ravelry

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I can't believe it's done.

This blanket, my first official full sized afghan, took me one month and 21 days to complete. It is 35 squares total, with a lovely 3 color double crochet edge (two rows of each color).

True to its name, this blanket ate wool like it might never receive another meal. But I love it. I will love walking by the spare bedroom and seeing its many bright colors looking back at me.

Should you want to make your own Wool Eater blanket, you can find the pattern here. And while you're printing out the pattern, check out Sarah London's blog. It's full of happy colors and beautiful projects!

Now I'm off to start a matching crocheted pillow based on this pattern. (another lovely blog full of bright happy colors, and gorgeous crochet!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Flickr Favorites - One a Month

About a month or so ago a friend of mine on Ravelry suggested I join a crochet group. She and I had both just finished a CAL (crochet-a-long), where she won for making the most beautiful cardigan I might add, and I had been telling her I was unsure of what to make next.

She sent me an invite to join a Crochet a Block a Month group and without hesitation I signed up. You make one granny square each month from the pattern they supply (6" or 12" square) and at the end of the year you seam your squares together to make a blanket!

This is the coolest project for me, because I love having something little to work on for a day or two in between tedious projects. Now every month when I feel bored I just pick up my block a month project. I'm actually going to do about 18 or possibly even 24 of the 12" squares so I have a nice big blanket for our bedroom.

If you are a member of ravelry I really suggest checking out the group! It has been tons of fun so far. Once I have a few blocks completed I'll share pictures :)

If you'd like to make your own flickr favorites head on over to Mitsy's blog and sign up!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Teal and Orange All Over

How cute is this nursery!?
And can you see 4 reasons why I think it is extra cute? *wink-wink*

A lovely woman named Veronica contacted me a few months ago about purchasing a few of my prints for her little baby-to-be's nursery room. I was extra excited about this batch of prints because she had me change the Owl and Hippo to a soft teal instead of the blue that I have in my shop. It's always fun for me to work on Custom prints now and again, and I really loved how the teal turned out next to the two orange prints.

This morning I received a photograph from Veronica of the prints up in her nursery, and that just made my day! With her permission I thought I would share it with the rest of you :)

Isn't the room so cute!?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Flickr Favorites - Life

Well I guess I spoke too soon. Lee is still in the hospital and things are kind of up and down. They tell me he should be home tomorrow, but I'll believe it when I see them wheeling him out to the car.

I'll post the details tomorrow, after I've spoken with all of the doctors.

For now I am going to rest and relax my bones.
And give the dogs a lot of love. They are missing someone pretty terribly. I guess this is just the ups and downs of life.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Ups and Downs

I had a rocky start this morning.

I knew I needed to be up early in order to take Lee to his clinical down in the city. But my bed was warm and I slept right on through my designated shower time.

I rushed to get myself dressed, Lee up and moving, and the dogs out for their morning bathroom break. The cold weather just made me long even more to go back to sleep and forget about all my responsibilities. Instead I wrestled the dogs back inside, grabbed some sort of breakfast-to-go, and we made our way into the city.

At least the rush hour traffic wasn't too awful bad.

We arrived in the parking garage, and one look at the clock told me we were already 10 minutes late. In my haste I began to power walk towards the hospital entrance, while Lee reminded me (for the 100th time) that he could NOT move that fast and I needed to slow down a.s.a.p. So a leisurely stroll from the parking garage to the hospital entrance, and on down to the basement level transplant clinic it was for Lee and I.

We arrived behind schedule and were welcomed with a full house of other transplantees waiting to have bloodwork and doctors visits themselves. On top of that were the group of first time transplant people waiting to have orientation.

When you are first put on a transplant list you have to sit through a meeting that discusses what will be taking place in the coming years. I could see a range of emotions across their faces, and boy oh boy did I know each one well.

His appointment went on as well as could be expected. He had these removed:

We weren't sure if staple removal hurt or not, and folks, yes it does hurt! He said some were worse than others, but it did indeed feel rather unpleasant to have them out. On the brighter side of things he can sit more comfortably now that they are gone.

And I thought that would be that. I thought we would head on home to our puppies, make some lunch, and watch 'The Price is Right.' We can't miss 'The Price is Right' or someone gets upset.

(that someone is not me by the way)

At the end of one of the games (the woman won a pretty nice looking new jacuzzi/shower set) the phone rings. Lee's transplant coordinator was on the phone.

"Come back to the hospital," he says. "Straight to the E.R."

I'm left at guessing what the problem is because I can't hear everything being said on the other end. Lee hangs up and begins to put together his "going to the hospital" gear, which consists of his blackberry, nintendo ds, pills for the day, and a small snack. I'm thankful to report the problem is not with the new kidney, rather a potassium imbalance in his body that needs to be under control immediately. He chose to go back in by himself, and of course I'm sitting at home regretting let him do that!

I guess this is just par for the course in weeks after a major transplant.
I'm off to knit him a hat now after he requested a replica of the one I made for my little brother. Here's hoping it will put a smile on his face whenever he comes home.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Flickr Favorites - Quiet

In the week after Lee's big transplant it has been nothing but loud and busy in our house. With 7 people and 4 dogs running around, there wasn't going to be anything except loud and busy.

We busied ourselves with making lots of food, getting all the errands out of the way, and oh yes, celebrating Christmas with a dialysis free Lee!

On Sunday evening everyone left. Suddenly Lee and I found ourselves surrounded by something we hadn't heard in many days. Silence. Any you know what? I loved every second of it. I am so unbelievably thankful for the help my family gave us, and I loved having family here to celebrate a late Christmas, but boy oh boy does it feel nice to have a little peace and quiet in our home again!

I'll continue to be quiet on here too for at least another week, as Lee and I slowly sort out our new life. New routines are being made, chores in the house are being swapped back and forth (he can't life anything heavier than a gallon of milk mind you), and I'm learning what it is like to take two dogs out for a walk ALL DAY EVERY DAY in the blistering cold of winter (thank you walk out basement when I can no longer stand the outdoors -which is more often than not).

But the quiet won't last forever. I have lots of plans for my Card Shop, and maybe even one or two surprise for the Print Shop too! Though they will wait, at least I can say I've helped my mom with something new for her shop (idea was mine, creation was ALL her and I love it!)

I will keep you all posted of his progress, but so far so good! He has a few minor complications we are sorting out with the doctors, mainly a still too high blood pressure, but the kidney is opening up and working and that was the first goal!

Want to play along? Head on over to Mitsy's blog and sign up to be a part of the flickr favorites!
ps. Mitsy I swear I will write you back today or tomorrow. Please be patient with me -- I feel awful for not writing sooner!


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