Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Flickr Favorites - Quiet

In the week after Lee's big transplant it has been nothing but loud and busy in our house. With 7 people and 4 dogs running around, there wasn't going to be anything except loud and busy.

We busied ourselves with making lots of food, getting all the errands out of the way, and oh yes, celebrating Christmas with a dialysis free Lee!

On Sunday evening everyone left. Suddenly Lee and I found ourselves surrounded by something we hadn't heard in many days. Silence. Any you know what? I loved every second of it. I am so unbelievably thankful for the help my family gave us, and I loved having family here to celebrate a late Christmas, but boy oh boy does it feel nice to have a little peace and quiet in our home again!

I'll continue to be quiet on here too for at least another week, as Lee and I slowly sort out our new life. New routines are being made, chores in the house are being swapped back and forth (he can't life anything heavier than a gallon of milk mind you), and I'm learning what it is like to take two dogs out for a walk ALL DAY EVERY DAY in the blistering cold of winter (thank you walk out basement when I can no longer stand the outdoors -which is more often than not).

But the quiet won't last forever. I have lots of plans for my Card Shop, and maybe even one or two surprise for the Print Shop too! Though they will wait, at least I can say I've helped my mom with something new for her shop (idea was mine, creation was ALL her and I love it!)

I will keep you all posted of his progress, but so far so good! He has a few minor complications we are sorting out with the doctors, mainly a still too high blood pressure, but the kidney is opening up and working and that was the first goal!

Want to play along? Head on over to Mitsy's blog and sign up to be a part of the flickr favorites!
ps. Mitsy I swear I will write you back today or tomorrow. Please be patient with me -- I feel awful for not writing sooner!


Michaela Dawn:Windy Woman said...

Oh Dear! I must get back to your shop and grab some more cards! Can you believe that they have all flown out with each of my purchases I've had from the shop!

I have so many favorites!

These images you've picked have such a calming feeling, like's:)))


Michaela Dawn:Windy Woman said...

Heavens I am glad Lee has had a good transition so far, and you too! It takes every bit of support and grace when it comes to these events, and lady you gave it!


ArtMind said...

I love quiet too, Stepahnie! I'm glad that Lee's transplant went so well & I hope that you both will get into the new pace of life.
I received your convo - thank you - never worry about not writing back right away - you can't beat me on that! ;)

Giselle said...

This is just perfect..! I'm enjoying my quit moment right now..!

Rosina said...

Oh the bliss of a quiet moment :) There is not much of that here with children playing all day but so appreciated when it happens :) Lovely pictures.


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