Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flickr Favorites - Decorating

I have been in decorators mode for the last week, as my brother prepares to move into a new apartment. He's going from a tiny studio apartment to a spacious 1 bedroom and there is a lot of furniture he's lacking*.

While helping him find what he needs I've been day dreaming about having a completely fresh palette of my own to decorate. I absolutely love being able to transform a blank space into something that is meaningful, and cozy. If only I had the time to do a little redecorating around here!

*the mosaic is what I love to use for redecorating. My brother is going with a manly red/grey/more grey theme. :)

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flickr Favorites - Never Ending

Still sick?
You bet I am. This has to be about the third flickr favorite I've made talking about how there is a lot I want to post, but just haven't because I've been under the weather.

Turns out I am more than under the weather. A week ago landed me in an emergency room and scared out of my wits. A week later I'm still sick, still scared, but on a month long road to recovery.

When I feel sad and sorry for myself I need only look at my sweet son and immediately there is a smile on my face. This is one of the hardest things I've ever endured, but I'll get through it knowing his smiling face is there to greet me every morning.

And I PROMISE to start showing off some of the work I've been doing these past few weeks.

Here's a Sneak Peak:

This is just a few of the calendars I will have for sale over in my card shop. I've always enjoyed making them, and this year I went to town creating a bunch of different sizes and styles.
I hope you like them!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flickr Favorites - Don't Bring Me Down

I believe it was a mere 7 days ago I said I was back in action on this blog of mine.
And it appears as though 7 days have gone by without my posting a single thing!

I forgot I was traveling to my hometown, getting my son's 6 months photos done (six months old! where has time gone!?), and taking my sweet puppy to get a tooth pulled (when he we rescued him he came with a full set of bad teeth, requiring constant care).

On top of all of this today happened.
It started off like any other day. I fed and changed my sweet baby boy, and got around to making a little breakfast for myself. Only, I didn't feel quite right, so I skipped breakfast. Fast forward to lunch where I manage to feed the sweet baby again, as well as get a little something in myself. Only now I'm feeling positively awful. Flu awful.

I found myself wide awake at 1 in the morning, and unsure what to do with myself, when I remembered I had once again missed a flickr favorites. Well I may be an hour late, but darn it, I still managed to get one in flu and all.

Here's hoping tomorrow (or later today rather) looks a little brighter.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flickr Favorites - Where I've Been

I wish I could say I've been away on vacation.
Honestly, I do.

Vacations are great. You can sleep in. Explore. Do Nothing. Take on Everything. Leave as a family of two, and discover when you return that you will be a family of three (Exactly what happened to us after our trip to Ireland last year).

The choice is yours on vacation!

But, I've actually been hard at work these last few weeks, and most definitely NOT on vacation. Early in July I was featured on Heartsy. This was awesome of course, and I loved every second of it! However it meant that 100% of my time was devoted to increased sales in my shop, and taking care of my sweet baby boy. I had to let some things go to the way side, and my poor blog was one of them. But things are calming down, and I am back! I have so much new work to share it's not even funny. Check back soon for a peak at what I've been up to!


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