Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flickr Favorites - Where I've Been

I wish I could say I've been away on vacation.
Honestly, I do.

Vacations are great. You can sleep in. Explore. Do Nothing. Take on Everything. Leave as a family of two, and discover when you return that you will be a family of three (Exactly what happened to us after our trip to Ireland last year).

The choice is yours on vacation!

But, I've actually been hard at work these last few weeks, and most definitely NOT on vacation. Early in July I was featured on Heartsy. This was awesome of course, and I loved every second of it! However it meant that 100% of my time was devoted to increased sales in my shop, and taking care of my sweet baby boy. I had to let some things go to the way side, and my poor blog was one of them. But things are calming down, and I am back! I have so much new work to share it's not even funny. Check back soon for a peak at what I've been up to!


kraplap said...

no holidays here too :( but I love your mosaic !

Andreia said...

Lovely mosaic!

ArtMind said...

I peaked into your shop the other day and knew exactly why I had missed you in the last few mosaic rounds! Congrats on so much succes, Stephanie, you deserve it! Glad to see you back too! XO Mitsy

Stephanie said...

I definitely wouldn't have missed any flickr favorites except dealing with the increased sales PLUS the baby completely filled up my day! He's crawling now if you can imagine, and that means I have to have eyes on him all the time!


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