Friday, January 23, 2009

Remake II

Just a quick look at the second set of animals I redid. I really love the new look of them as well! You can find them here. I hope you like the new look!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I've been going back and forth about whether or not to do this, and in the end I decided I would. That is, remake some prints in my shop. The one thing I personally love about my animal prints is that you can mix and match them with ease. This is because I started making different animals in the same series of 4 colors. However, there are a few animals lurking in there that just do not match. For starters, the owls. I love these guys, but have always been unhappy that I chose to give them a different background than my other animals. So, I changed them! Here is a before and after shot:



Well I think it was a good switch, and I plan to do this to at least one other animal print as well. (The Whales) If you want to check them out for yourself then hop on over to the shop.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Keeping With the Knitting . . .

So there are a couple things I love (you know, the same few things I post about over and over). In an attempt to keep myself from talking about my dogs, or Valley Forge, or how I love to take my dogs to Valley Forge, I've been showing the world my knitting. I never really planned to. Next to illustrating (and my love of clay, which for now I can not work with) knitting has become one of my most favorite past times. It is so relaxing, and I quite enjoy wearing something handmade! 

I thought I would share a picture of something I knit way back last summer (oh summer heat how I miss you) for my baby cousin Matthew. He is a first cousin 24 years younger than me. When I was young I wished for more cousins to play with, as my father's side of the family came with exactly ZERO, but I am quite happy that he is here now that I am older. He is so cute and fun and happy, and I adore playing with him, and of course, knitting for him! He is also the inspiration behind the first series of animal prints I did. His mother (my aunt) was looking for bright animal prints to decorate his room with, and I came up with the elephant and hippo's for her. 

I wish I had a better picture of his sweater, but it has been gifted, and worn, and out grown already! Well Matthew, even though you can't read yet, Thanks for being a cute little baby cousin that I have lots of excuses to knit for, and thanks so much for being the inspiration behind all the fun animal prints in my etsy shop! <3

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where Have I Been?

 It seems I have forgotten to post anything recently! In terms of Etsy news I don't really have any (but I am working on some fun things for the new year). I have actually been enjoying a little break from all things computer related! After the hectic holidays it has been sooooo nice to just sit back and relax.

I figured the least I could do was show you what I've been doing while sitting and relaxing. I've been on a mitten knitting frenzy! I have made 4 pairs between Christmas and now, and have a fifth pair in the works! Why mittens you ask? Well I have 2.9million scarves, and 2 hats (I know that is not that many, but I don't really like to knit them) but zero mittens/fingerless gloves! Well I have certainly taken care of the lack of hand wear for the time being! I'll leave you with pictures of two pairs I've recently knit. And if you like them so much you want to knit a pair for yourself, head on over here  to print out the pattern! So to those who knit I say, Happy Knitting! To those who don't, why, it's time you learn! :)


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