Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Keeping With the Knitting . . .

So there are a couple things I love (you know, the same few things I post about over and over). In an attempt to keep myself from talking about my dogs, or Valley Forge, or how I love to take my dogs to Valley Forge, I've been showing the world my knitting. I never really planned to. Next to illustrating (and my love of clay, which for now I can not work with) knitting has become one of my most favorite past times. It is so relaxing, and I quite enjoy wearing something handmade! 

I thought I would share a picture of something I knit way back last summer (oh summer heat how I miss you) for my baby cousin Matthew. He is a first cousin 24 years younger than me. When I was young I wished for more cousins to play with, as my father's side of the family came with exactly ZERO, but I am quite happy that he is here now that I am older. He is so cute and fun and happy, and I adore playing with him, and of course, knitting for him! He is also the inspiration behind the first series of animal prints I did. His mother (my aunt) was looking for bright animal prints to decorate his room with, and I came up with the elephant and hippo's for her. 

I wish I had a better picture of his sweater, but it has been gifted, and worn, and out grown already! Well Matthew, even though you can't read yet, Thanks for being a cute little baby cousin that I have lots of excuses to knit for, and thanks so much for being the inspiration behind all the fun animal prints in my etsy shop! <3

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