Thursday, January 21, 2010


A while back Miss Amanda, head of The Natural Dye Studio, made a beautiful cowl*. She asked people what they thought of it (I of course cheered, "It's Lovely!") and that was that.

I kept hoping she would release the pattern because I knew I wanted an Elizabeth Cowl of my own, but unfortunately it didn't look it would happen. Until one day when I got a message. I had been telling another Ravelry friend how much I had liked that cowl when Amanda asked me if I'd be interested in testing the pattern out for her. Me?! Why, YES!

And here it is:

I love wearing it out when we walk the dogs. It keeps my neck and face warm, but isn't as bulky as a full scarf. I knit it in The Natrual Dye Studios BFL Aran, but plan on making another one in NDS Caress (what Amanda chose to make hers out of).

Should you be in the market for the perfect cowl, and you can handle basic crochet, then this is the project for you! You can find the pattern on here, or here.

Speaking of wearing my cowl while walking the dogs, I should be getting to that right about now!

* you can only view this pattern if you are a member of ravelry

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