Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crochet Dreams

I can't crochet. I have tried and tried, used books, pleaded with the fiber gods to let me understand how to make magic with one hook, but it was useless. If I don't have two needles I won't be making a thing. My crochet hooks are for simple picot edges, or weaving in loose threads on various knitting. Mostly I stare at them with disdain for not letting me in on their secrets to success.

There is one (actually two) reason I want to crochet. Queen . Ann's . Lace . I've wanted a Queen Ann's Lace scarf for as long as I have had a passion for fiber (it's not that long, I'm just going for some drama). My wonderful friend Mitsy has recently taken up crochet, and by recent I mean like two weeks ago. So you know I immediately pleaded with her to make this for me. So what if she only just picked up a hook again? And wonderful Mitsy said YES! 
This will be mine: (only it'll look 10billion times nicer because Mitsy will have made it)

How's that for lucky!? I was going to wait to get my actual scarf to do a post about it, but I am just so excited that I am giving a preview of what is to come. 

ps. The second reason I wish I could crochet is because I want a granny square blanket. Do you crochet? I'm looking for one in olive greens, mustard/golds, browns, and creams. ;)


River Glorious said...

I bet you *could* crochet, you just need some patience and someone to talk you through it. If we were neighbours, we'd be sipping cocoa and crocheting right now! You holler if you want help. I'll talk you through whatever, okay?

Jaimee said...

Keep on trying!
My Grandmother taught me when I was 7 - so that's proof that you can do it!
I'm just around the corner if you ever want a hand :)

ArtMind said...

Wheehaa, the yarn arrived today and I can't wait to start this project! :) I just LOVE to make this for you, Stephanie! You picked some gorgeous yarn - I happen to have a scarf in those colors - a friend of mine made it! ;)


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