Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I've got a thing:

I really do. I've got a thing for yellow, orange, and green. There's no stopping my attraction to these colors. Any shade, any combination, if it has these colors in it I'm all over it. So it is natural that while playing around on Etsy, I often type "yellow, orange, green" into the search bar and watch what happens! Today, I made the perfect Etsy Outfit compliments of my  most favorite colors:

First, something to hold back all my hair. It's really important on those windy days in Philadelphia. Really, really, important. This beautiful wrap comes compliments of corrieberrypie. 

Next, a beautiful green tea and honey necklace from the talented Stephanie Gibson. I've seen many a combination of these necklaces hit the front pages of etsy and I love them all. Perhaps I enjoy this one just a little bit more because of the fantastic color choices and all. 

Okay, so this one doesn't quite follow the whole "yellow, orange, and green" rule, but it makes for a pretty fantastic outfit! This is the Dunes Organic Tank Top from Hende. I know how fantastic her clothing is because I happen to own one of her tank tops already (fabulous people. fabulous)

So for as many months as humanly possible I choose to wear a pair of Rainbow Sandals. I could write an entire novel about how and why this came to be, but because this is a post about an awesome outfit I'll spare you the boring (awesome) details about how the rainbow sandal obsession came to be. Because I do live in the wonderful state of Pennsylvania, there are some months when shoes are a must. For those months I'd love to adorn my feet with some of HydraHeart's Keyhole flats. Besides said sandal obsession, my second shoe obsession is with ballet flats. They are easy to walk in, look cute, and make me smile. That is my criteria for a shoe worthy obsession, and people, the rainbows and ballet flats make the cut.

Okay so last but most certainly not least, is this Reversible Bird Bag compliments of Retrofied. I love a big tote, and I love birds. This has both. Enough said. Actually I could say a whole lot more, but you're looking at the picture and seeing just how fantastic it is, so I'll spare you a wordy reason why I just need this bag in my life right this minute.

There you have it folks. The perfect Etsy Outfit compliments of my favorite colors. 
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! 

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Jaimee said...

How much fun was THAT post! I love all your pics. Another Blog-Buddy purchased a pair of those flats and SWEARS they are the most comfortable shoes she owns & she wears them everyday. I might just have to snag a pair for myself.
I love that Hairband too but for some odd reason or the possibility that my head is just a centimeter off from everyone else in the entire universe, NO headband EVER stays put (& it just drives me nuts). I still love it though :)

Hope you're enjoying this fab Philly weather as much as we are. We've even made it into the kiddie pool a couple times today. It's AWESOME!!!


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