Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flickr Favorites - In My Favorites

I've done this before.
I like to go through my favorites on flickr and compose a 'fickr favorites' out of my favorites. I often find a trend (bright colors, lots of hand knits, crafts, etc.) to my favorites and I get inspired by all the creativity out there.

I tried to make a semi-theme from my favorites this go round, by choosing things I've been decorating my house with recently. I have finished up a good 3 or 4 crocheted blankets for the baby to use once he's born (any day now child) and I've been wanting to create a fabric banner for his room for ages. Fabric banners are something I've recently decided are the coolest thing going. And that lime green doggie? Oh he and a few of his friends are totally chilling on my fridge waiting to hold up a billion photos of our soon to be little one.

They can't wait. :)
(and I love them to pieces Mitsy!)

As for the 'love yourself' message. Well, I definitely need to remind myself of that being over 39 weeks pregnant. The end ain't easy folks.

Want to see more flickr favorites?
Stop over here and check them out!


ArtMind said...

Glad the doggies are loved, Stephanie! Love the 'love yourself' note - I should say it more often to myself and treat myself better.
I've been drafting patterns this evening since I really needed some me-time so I'm working on it!
I think this might be the last Flickr Fav's before you go into labor. I wish you all the best & hope that all will go smoothly and well.
Thinking of you! Be well & take care!
X Mitsy

Nauli said...

Yes, that's what happens to our flickr favourites, too. We often find a trend... your colorful finds are lovely!


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