Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flickr Favorites - Dream Home

This week Artmind created a theme for the flickr favorites. She asked us what our dream home would look like, inside and out.

This is what my dream home needs.
I love white, and have always wanted a white kitchen. My dream home needs a white kitchen and hard wood floors throughout.

The one thing I do not have right now is a craft and work space of my own. My dream home would have to have a place just for me!

And storage space. That is a must. I love when everything is neat and orderly (this would be great for my mounds of yarn in particular) and my dream home would need to have the space to allow me to put everything in a nice little area, but still be open and airy.

Of course my dream home has to have a space for my little one. He's not here yet, but any day now! Plus walking by a nursery room melts my heart. I like to do it at least 90 times a day.

And the outside of my dream home? Well ideally it would be a cottage on the beach. I also love brown stones. Around Valley Forge there are many old stone houses and I would love to live in one of them as well. I love a house with a little charm and character. And something that lets the sun shine in!

Want to see some other dream homes?
Head on over to Artmind's blog to check out the other flickr favorites!


cri-cri said...

wow I like your mosaic!!

ArtMind said...

And you also need pastels I see! LOL :)
Love your dream home and would also imagine it with lots of baking going on in that white kitchen of yours.
Let me know when 's the best time to visit then! :)

LeelaBijou said...

I love this mosaic!! So pretty choices!

Florcita said...

Love that white kitchen! I have a white atelier and I love when it is neat and clean, but working with wool everyday it means that...the floors are not so white anymore! ahahaha and with my son doing his "collages" in there... neat? I wish.
GOod luck with the house and with the inminent arrival!

Jasmine @ Thelma Lane said...

White and Hardwood floors, a dream house after my very own heart. I am with you so much there. All the images look so lovely.

gnomeangel said...

I wish to come and live with you... now!

You have so many things on your list that I want on mine.



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