Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flickr Favorites - First Love

When I saw Mitsy's favorite 'Flickr Favorites' from last week, I fell in love with with the ceramics that she too adored!

It reminded me of how I got into art in the first place. I had take some painting classes in high school, always enjoyed them, but didn't think much about it beyond that. A few years later when I was in college I had to fill an art credit and I decided to take a basic ceramics class.

I fell in love.

In less than 3 months I had switched my major and worked hard to earn dual degrees in ceramics and digital media.

Even though I am not working in ceramics at the moment, (I moved on to earn degrees in illustration and graphic design) I long for the day when I can take another ceramics class, or, and this is certainly a dream, maybe even someday have a little studio of my own.

In the meantime I will be inspired by the beautiful work of others!
(Like Miss Mitsy herself!)

Want to make your own flickr favorites?
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Mitsy's blog and sign up!


ArtMind said...

There is no way I can not LOVE your mosaic! It's mud I'm attracted too! LOL

Alex said...

This year I took a ceramic class, something I dreamed of doing for a long time. I wasn't disappointed, working with clay is just amazing!

Clair said...

These are beautiful choices - not only great pieces but also photographed well showing off their delicacy.

BARBARIX said...

i love this bold choices!!
especially the necklace


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