Friday, May 28, 2010


This is my latest Shawl.
It is called Morlynn, and you can find the pattern on ravelry.
Here are a few more pictures of me modeling it:

As soon as I completed it I began rummaging through my stash. I really, really, needed to pick out some yarn and a project to take on my flight to Ireland (leaving in 4days!) Nothing was beckoning me to knit it though, so I began to think I might just not bring a project along.

Then a close friend of mine told me she really liked my Seaside Shawl (or Forest Canopy as it is known on ravlery). The Seaside Shawl, so named for the colors in the yarn, was the very first shawl I ever attempted to knit. It was a Christmas present for my grandma, and something I was immensely proud of.

the seaside shawl in all its glory

Then it hit me.
Why not knit my wonderful friend a Seaside shawl of her own during my flight!

I have just the yarn too. A beautiful light grey heathered alpaca in sport weight. I've been holding on to all 600+ yards of it for a few years now as it was kind of an impulse buy.
I'll be sure to show pictures of it (and the trip) when I get back!

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