Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Bike (and wow, I'm short)

I wanted a cyclo-cross bike.
And by "wanted" I mean had my heart set on getting a cyclo-cross bike. stat.

I read a lot of reviews, did a lot of searching, and just knew this was the bike for me. And I had my heart and hopes all set on the Fuji Cross Comp. Even better? I could get it for half the price! (because $1300.00 is not my bike budget, unfortunately!)

I picked a day and set it aside as time to go test it at a local bike shop. They didn't have a 49cm bike in stock, but had a similar Fuji in 49cm there for me to try. I grabbed the bike and got ready to hop on!

And then I almost fell over.

At this point the bike shop employee might have thought I never rode a bike in my life, or that I was too clumsy to be riding a bike. But it was worse, much worse than that.

A 49cm bike was just way to big for me.

I couldn't even touch the ground once I managed to get on the bike. It was clearly unsafe and there was no chance of me getting that beautiful Fuji I had intended on getting. So I asked the nice employee what Cyclo-Cross bikes came any smaller than a 49cm. While he looked at his computer and talked to other employees I looked at road bikes. He came back with bad news.

They had nothing. Not a single bike that was any smaller than a 49cm. To make matters worse, he didn't know that there really were any cyclo cross bikes smaller than a 49cm.

Now what do I do?

After days of searching a neighbor (and fellow rider) suggested this Redline Brand to me after she noticed other short women, such as myself, asking around online for where they too could find a nice cyclo-cross to fit them.

This is the point in time when I told my husband we would be driving to another state (okay, it was just Delaware, and not that far away) to look at some 44cm cyclo's for me.

And you know what? The 44cm worked for me! Just barely mind you, but it worked!

If you are asking yourself why Cyclo-Cross? Why are you so obsessed with a Cyclo-Cross? No, it is not because I race in the extreme sport, but rather because I ride on a long Rails to Trails path which is partly paved and is sometimes gravel or dirt. It's as simple as that!

But I am so happy.
I will post pictures of MY actual bike as soon as it comes in!

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