Monday, September 13, 2010

Too Soon?

Is it too soon to bring up the holiday season?
Yesterday I had been asking this question to myself while trying to decide whether or not to start listing the holiday ornaments in my Mom's Etsy Shop.
(She sews, I list the finished work. It's good team work!)

Anyway I decided I would list one new ornament a week, until it gets closer to December. That sounds like a decent plan, right? I started off listing the Opossum Ornament above. There is no real reason other than I think it is the prettiest little animal ornament! Many of these animals adorn my Christmas Tree and I wouldn't mind so much to find her peeking out of my stocking on Christmas morning. (In my family you are never to old for a stocking. Dogs get them too.)

(We are a little crazy, but I think it's a good crazy.)

Since I am in control of the listing and editing of all photos I thought I'd show off a few more of the ornaments to be listed in the up coming weeks:
Again, not that I need them, but I really love the owls almost as much as that opossum!

Raccoon Holiday Ornament

Fox Holiday Ornament

Owl Holiday Ornament

Owl Holiday Ornament (2)

What's your favorite?!

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