Monday, September 27, 2010

Nursery Update

Well now that we know it's a boy I decided to add a few boy touches to a room that was looking, frankly, a bit girly.

I hunted all over etsy, and so far this is what we've got:

1. The Hirsute Hedgehog and The Happy Bear prints by John W Golden
2. Another beautiful quilt by my mom, of Pine Hill Forest
3. Cute Deer Pillow by Olive
4. Do it yourself Long Dog in brown by June Craft

5. Helicopter Decals by janeymacpress
6. Not an Etsy purchase, but couldn't resist showing the crochet blanket I made for the room once more!

Well that is what we have so far folks! Not up yet, but will be as soon as I decide where to put them are a retro weiner dog print in orange by June Craft and a light blue hippo print by yours truly!

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