Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jumping The Gun

(dresser/future changing table)

Is 12.5 weeks too early to be doing any sort of nursery decorating?
I sort of couldn't help myself after my parents dropped off the dresser. We even attempted to buy a crib, but it was out of stock in the store AND online. It's going to take over 10 weeks to get so I suppose it was a good thing we attempted to get that early. Once it comes in I'll take more detailed photos of the room.

Things you can't see:
Beautiful handmade quilts made by my mom.
A little white table and rocking chair.
A standing lamp which is essentially a large version of the little yellow lamp on the dresser.
A super cute pillow from Olive, and a cute Long Dog (which was sewn up by my mom) from JuneCraft.

Yeah...I'm just a little excited about the arrival of this baby. : )

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ArtMind said...

can't wait to see this come together, Stephanie! :)


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