Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flickr Favorites - Home

It's Time.
Time for a major "spring" cleaning! Now that my nausea has gone away, I am going to scrub this house top to bottom until it shines. (because it hasn't shined in quite some time)

Also, I'm definitely not the apron in the kitchen type, but I LOVE the apron! It makes me want to change my ways, and get all apron-y. :)

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Florcita said...

love aprons too even if I don't precisely wear them very often!

anka said...

The apron looks really lovely, indeed. Maybe we should start a new fashion, not the aprony type myself, either, but for such a piece of clothing, I would give it a go :)

ArtMind said...

Love the apron too, Stephanie! I love wearing aprons - to cook or to work with clay - I have so many aprons but none so pretty as this one! :)


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