Saturday, August 21, 2010

Love a Gnome

I had recently stumbled across a new blog, Gnome Angel while browsing through the flickr favorites on Artmind's blog.
One thing led to another and I became friends with the creater of Gnome Angel, Ange. She has been great fun to talk to, and I enjoy popping into her blog to see what is going on with her, or what crafty latest find she has stumbled upon. (My newest favorite is the crocheted sleepy pants I've never seen before and wished I owned!)
Today she did something super sweet, and super awesome. She has featured me on her blog!
Do check it out :)

Thanks so much Ange!!!


papier et encre said...

Yay for blog love. Both your blogs are favourites of mine!

Stephanie said...

Awe, glad to hear it!! :)


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