Friday, August 7, 2009

The Time has Come. . .

. . . And let me tell you, I didn't want it to. From this day forward all artwork in my Etsy Shop will have a water mark on it. This came after I found out that a "friend" of mine actually stole some of my artwork for personal use. A friend. That got me to thinking that what is really stopping someone who doesn't even know me from doing the same thing. I want to believe that all people are inherently good and would never do it, but the truth is that some people think it is okay. So from now on there will be a barely visible water mark on all of my prints, but of course it will not appear on the purchased work!

In much happier news, you can expect a new animal early next week (and I love him SO much!)  
Have a happy weekend!

(I'm renovating a bathroom/vanity room, so I think you can guess how my weekend will be. ha)


Jaimee said...

Well, that just stinks!
I've been watermarking all my stuff too just be never know until you DO!

Anonymous said...

very cute birdie!


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