Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flickr Favorites (week 13)

First my posting was lacking because I was sick (I had the flu. Lucky me!) Now my posting has been lacking because we decided it would be TONS of fun to renovate our bathroom and adjoining vanity/powder room. Of course I knew my flicker favorites this week would be all about one thing. C.O.N.S.T.R.U.C.T.I.O.N

I never knew what a powder room was really. But we have one, and  I'd really like to make the most of it particularly because our lovely home only has one full bathroom (the one under construction) and one half bath downstairs. This weird powder room sits between our main bedroom, and the bathroom, and when we started it was about 12sq feet. It was uncomfortable, awkward, had crazy blue carpeting, and in general was a giant eye sore. My solution? Rip out the carpet, and replace it with the wood flooring that is in the rest of the upstairs. Rip out existing sink (from 1872) and tear out the closet and door frame. Slap up a nice coat of paint, install a new sink, and convince grandfather he wants to make us a custom linen cabinet.

The main bathroom wasn't too bad really. Except for the wall paper which consisted of 1800's styled people preforming various farm duties. Oh yes. So I told the husband we would be ripping that out and putting up the same color paint the bathroom as I had chose for the powder room. This was all fine and dandy to him until he realized I also wanted him to help me paint the walls around our skylight a good 12 or so feet up in the air. And folks, WE DID IT!

The bathroom is done, save for putting up some new lighting, and right now my grandparents are here helping me put up new dry wall where the door frame was, and install the wood floor in the powder room. I have taken pictures along each step of this wonderful journey, and promise to show you all of them when it is done. For now here is a just a taste as to what things have looked like: 


ArtMind said...

Oh cool! Can't wait to see more pics! Also find it hard to beliee you actually made a mosaic without Y.A.R.N.! LOL :)
I sent something out for you on monday & I cross my fingers it will arrive in time! ;) Enjoy your special day! I appreciate ANY virtual cake! LOL :)

Stephanie said...

I know Mitsy! Two weeks in a row without any yarn pictures (I think I know what must be done for next week's mosaic!)

I'll write you soon, when I have a few free moments. YAAAAAAY For a happy package :D :D :D :D :D :D


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