Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flickr Favorites (week 14)

I've been so busy this summer. Between long road trips, weddings, showers, birthdays, and home renovations I could really use a vacation! That is just not in the cards right now, so for today I am going going to do one thing.
Knit.  (okay, maybe crochet too)

Hexagon Blanket, Posy Shawl, and Forest Canopy Shawl, today you are my best friends.

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ArtMind said...

I absolutely LOVE the hexagon blanket! Think that might be my next project! :)

Stephanie said...

It should be your next project Mitsy! I am 9 hexagons into mine and I love it already!

karuski said...

What a beautiful mix of yarns and knits and crochet work in your mosaic. I hope you get a chance to have a little vacation too!

Jaimee said...

That is INDEED a Hexagon Blanket of Awesomeness!

Stephanie said...

Haha Jaimee I know. I love the title of that blanket! When I finish mine it will have the same title :)


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