Monday, August 31, 2009

Family Pictures

(Nicholi, our first dog, also known as a ham because of his love for people to take his pictures.)

I love my little family. We are two humans and two dogs, and that makes for a wonderful life. So wonderful in fact that I decided we really needed pictures of our little family! I hunted and hunted for a photographer who: 

1) loved animals 
2) took pictures animals and people 
3) who would shoot said pictures at a location of my choice

Too many demands? Well not for Susan Dodd! She runs cool pets and she takes professional pictures of people, and animals at the location of my choosing! (all 3 requirements people!) Not only that my dogs loved her, she was easy going, and it was A LOT of fun! She has a blog, where she puts up a couple pictures from her photo shoots, and wouldn't you know it she put up some of my little family! Please check them out as they are AMAZING! I can not wait to see the rest! And obviously, if you live in the Philly area and want some pictures Susan is a great choice! 

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Jaimee said...

Adorable...what a sweet little family! :)


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