Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flickr Favorites - Food

1. valentine's day to my baby, 2. Homemade Baby Food - Carrots, 3. Baby food, 4. Baby Food

The first Tuesday of every month is always a theme for our flickr favorites.
This month that theme was food! Great theme, right!?

I could have talked about my favorite foods, least favorite foods, or how in the last few years I've actually gotten somewhat decent at preparing food. The possibilities were endless!

But when you ask me about food these days it's usually in reference to what the little man is consuming. I never knew people were so passionate about how, and when, you should feed your child! I got a LOT of flack for choosing to formula feed our son, a choice that was made in the best interest of him and myself. It was a personal choice and one that to this day irritates the heck out of me that people try to 'scold' me for doing.

Fast forward to four months when I decided, along with his doctor, that we would start foods. Oh the horror! I had mom's from all over telling me how they waited until 6months, 9months even, and would never consider feeding their baby any food at 4months! I listened to these women, who have all raised healthy, happy children. And went on giving my little boy sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, etc.

And all was well until those carrots. By the third day of carrots we had a full body rash on our hands. In the back of my mind were all those nagging mom's telling me what I was doing was wrong. We took him back to the doctors and discovered that it's not an allergy so much as a food that flares his eczema. We were told to stop carrots, and retry them down the road.

And on we went. One new food after another. 19 Fruits, 12 Veggies, 3 meats, and a host of various wheats later our only other hiccup was pineapple. About a week ago (just shy of 9 months of age) we tried carrots again and had no problem!

We only recently, as in 3 days ago, introduced him to the little baby puffs to help him learn about solid foods and self feeding. While many people do this sooner, we did it when we felt it was time.

So to summarize:
1) Baby food does not taste as gross as I thought it would.
2) If you were expecting a post about my favorite foods it would be: eggplant, anything spicy, and italian food
3) Least favorites? Anything that can get mushy (think bread with condiments on it), sandwiches made on sliced bread in general, and peanut butter.
4) I've learned to take in advice from other parents, but at the end of the day I should trust myself. I've raised a happy, healthy little boy just like the other moms, and I am proud of that.

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dindi said...

Very interesting read! Thanks for sharing! I love your mosaic too....

ArtMind said...

Haha, babyfood - not exactly my favorite! Although I loved the fruit mixtures as a teenager so I alwas made extra when I was making 'em for my nephew. :)
I dislike eggplant - a lot - it's such a peculiar taste. ugh!


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