Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gift Wrap Alternative

A bunch of new bags were recently added to Pine Hill Forest, and I am in love!
I love the different combinations of fabrics combined with the unique felted brooches and zipper pulls.

It got me thinking about the various uses for the bags. There is the obvious pencil case, makeup bag, purse organizer, etc. But what about using them as an alternative to gift wrap? I would love to see one of these bags peeking out the top of a stocking with a pair of pretty socks inside, or a new set of markers for a child who loves to draw. The possibilities really are endless, and instead of throwing paper away afterwards you'd have a beautiful bag to keep using!

Here are some of the recent additions which I love:

You can check out these bags and more here.
Do you have a favorite?

Mine is definitely the Fresh Poppies Bag. I love the color combination, and the beautiful handmade felt zipper pull.

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