Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Birth Print

I'm so excited to get back to sharing my new work with you!
After a super busy 2 months, things are finally slowing down around here. I couldn't be happier about that. I'm ready to get back to enjoying the quiet moments with family, instead of jam packed days leaving me wondering where time is going.

So back to the new work.
Today I have a brand new birth print to share with you!

This print features a pretty little butterfly, and would be a lovely addition to any nursery or playroom don't you think?

This is not to be confused with my Butterflies Birth Print, which is a more modern take on the butterfly. I wanted this one to be a happy, cute, little animal since it has been a while since I could sit and draw a happy little critter.

What do you think?


gnomeangel said...

Oh Em Gee - I love these. Seriously - swoon! Love love love!

Stephanie said...

Thank you :)
Birth prints are one of my top favorite things to make. I always enjoy seeing the names and color choices people pick out. Sadly i've yet to do one for my own son (always changing my mind on what I want)


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