Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flickr Favorites - Bright

It's the first Tuesday of the month so Miss Artmind has selected a theme for us to go with. She wanted to see a bright colorful group of pictures, and the ended asking if we like to wear said bright colors.

Yes. Yes I do.
There are a couple things I love when it comes to clothing.

1) Dresses
2) Color

Light, bright, dark, patterned, you name it. I own it and I love to wear it! If only the weather allowed for year round dress wearing!

Want to see more flickr favorites?
Head on over here!

1 comment:

ArtMind said...

Ohhh, I wish I was so courageous as you to wear colorful clothes, Stephanie! Good on you!

How is your health? Hope all is well!!! XO


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