Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Up For an Adventure?

One thing I've yet to address is the fact that I am addicted to traveling. In my 23 years I've made it to 9 different countries, and Alaska (it felt like a beautiful foreign country to me, as Pennsylvania is Nothing like it). I've never ever passed up the opportunity to travel to as many places as I can, even if it's just a drive out to Valley Forge to take in some scenery --you might be starting to guess that I love this place. Seriously, if you live anywhere near the park, go.
Anyway I've always admired Earmark's series of adventure cards on Etsy.-Earmark's Adventure Pack, which is what I purchased-

I finally decided to purchase them because I love to send out hand written mail. When I received them I just knew there was no way I was going to be able to convince myself to se
nd them away to other people. On the other hand, what was I going to do with a set of cards I refused to write on? That is what they're for right?! As luck would have it Ikea, god love 'em, had square frames that are 5.5x5.5" In Black! Seriously, go check the cards out. Traveler or not, how could you not love these? They look absolutely fabulous framed in a mini print sort of way, but they would also serve as an awesome piece of mail to send out to someone! -provided you could give them up, unlike me!

-2 of the 7 cards hanging next to my work desk!-


mistie said...

Hi Stephanine -

I like your work very much! Kudos to you for starting your blog :) I just started mine in May, and now that I'm off school for the summer, am trying to keep myself posting everyday to keep up the habit and to keep my artwork going. Best Regards!

earmark said...

oh my goodness, i am so blushing! i love it, great blog, wonderful write up... I am so honoured! seriously... oh my goodness, i am so happy! you made my day! THANK YOU!


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