Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th

First I should clarify, this is really the wedding cake for the two people who portray Betsy and Ben down here in Old City Philadelphia.

I chose this picture because it has been a goal of mine to say hi to Ben, except every time I'm in Old City I never see him. My husband lived in Old City and he got to see him often. (he brags about this)

But enough about Ben and Betsy.
(Ben, if you are reading this please hang out in Old City more so I can find you and say 'Hi')

I'm leaving today to head to my parents town for their annual 4th of July party! It is always a great time, and one of my favorite holiday party's of the year.

To those who celebrate, hope you have a happy 4th!
To those who don't, have a happy weekend!

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