Monday, July 12, 2010

Flickr Favorites - Secrets, Revealed!

Can you guess my secret?
I mentioned something about it 3 or so Flickr Favorites ago.
And I thought it would be at least another 3 Flickr Favorites until I finally broke my silence. (I'm not very good at keeping secrets)

Well if it isn't obvious, my (growing) secret happens to be a tiny person working hard to meet the outside world in February. February 13th the doctors tell me. :)

I'm completely in love

Though only my closest online friends knew (thanks for listening to me all those months Mitsy) this baby was something that doctors suspected I might never have. It started at the very young age of 22.

Very newly married, my husband and I asked his doctors if his kidney disease would affect our ability to have children when we were ready for them. They suggested we meet with a genetic counselor, and if all went well to try sooner rather than later. No one could be sure if he would be okay after a transplant or not. The genetic counselor told us we were good to go, and we decided we would try right away rather than wait the 4 or so years we had planned on.

Next thing I knew I was 23 and confused.
We check the husband. He's fine. We check me. I'm fine.
And so begins the fertility treatments. 8 of them, covering pretty much every treatment you can have. 8 of them resulting in nothing.

Time practically flew by and I was 25 and taking my husband to the hospital on Christmas Eve to get his kidney transplant. Having no choice but to push thoughts of baby aside, I focused solely on helping him to get better.

Life had become a bit of a roller coaster ride and we decide to take a vacation to Ireland. It seemed like after everything we deserved a good get-a-away.

And while we were at it we decided to splurge on new bikes. For both of us. (cyclocross bikes, and they are awesome)

But let's not forget about the babies completely. Two months before leaving for Ireland we had the husband tested to see if he was okay post transplant. He most certainly was not. The kidney transplant left him completely sterile. Doctors told us it is most likely temporary, and happens after major surgeries. He was to be re-tested in July.

And on the day we came home from Ireland, I discovered we brought a tiny extra passenger with me. Completely by surprise, and completely naturally.

Did I mention I am in love?

9.5 weeks down, 30.5 weeks to go!

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ArtMind said...

Hehe, even though you're far, I knew your secret right away when you told through your flickr fav's you ahd one! BIG congrats, Stephanie, I'm mighty happy for you both! Enjoy the ride! :)

cri-cri said...

congrats and enjoy this amazing periode ...

Ooty said...

Yay!!! Huge Congrats!!!!! Hope you feel good and healthy along the way
I am also waiting for a new baby girl due sometime at the end of this month , it is so great!

Florcita said...

Congratulations to you and your husband! I wish you 3 the best!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news how exciting !! Enjoy all the crafting while that litle one is tucked away and growing
Tamar x

Nauli said...

Lovely Mosaice!
And congrats to your little family!

Clair said...

Congratulations! Enjoy this period of nesting and nurturing x

Marinatea said...

cute mosaic!!

Stephanie said...

thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your lovely comments!

as this little baby came to us as a complete surprise i still sometimes can't believe the whole thing is real :)

it feels good to finally share my secret!

Everlasting said...

What a nice surprise! Bravo and enjoy this beautiful gift. :)

Susan Dodd said...

Oh my gosh!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!! I just read this! That is so wonderful, I am so happy for you. You both deserve something so amazing!

Stephanie said...

haha Susan thank you so much! We are very happy :)

gnomeangel said...

This is the most wonderful news EVER! As someone currently going through IVF I know how hard infertility can be and so I am EXTRA EXTRA happy for you!!!
Brilliant! May you have a happy and healthy nine months!!!


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