Sunday, February 21, 2010


A while back I had posted a picture of the latest crochet project I was working on. In the picture were four measly granny squares. It didn't look very exciting.

But about 40 more squares later (and a whole 'lotta edging too I might add) I finished my first granny squares afghan!

And within minutes of placing the blanket on my bed, this little girl decided the blanket would henceforth be hers:

(I'm still working out how to tell her it's actually mine)

My favorite part is that scalloped edging. It was easy to do and finishes off a blanket in a most lovely fashion!

The pattern is compliments of Lucy, over at Attic24. She has a wonderful tutorial with lots of pictures if you are a newer crocheter like myself.

Right now I am working on ANOTHER Garden Squares afghan for my mom. She took one look at my finished blanket and said, "If I buy you yarn will you make one for me?"
A day or so later my grandmother informed me she ripped out the knit blanket she was working on and wondered if I'd use the yarn to crochet HER a Garden Square blanket.

I've got a lot of crocheting ahead of me.


Ghost said...

it is a real treasure and it looks as if someone has already discovered that. I love the edging too.

Perry said...

I love the color combination, and you're right, the scalloped edge is perfection!

Pat said...

Love the colors you picked for your blanky

Essie said...

The aghan is lovely, gorgeous colour combination. And Rotsa Ruck convincing the little girl that the afghan is really yours and not hers. My little girl has her own pillow and woe betide anyone who gets on it. LOL.

ArtMind said...

The colorcombo is fantastic, Stephanie. You must have a list of things to make with people wanting you to make stuff all the time.
I love the scalloping edge too.
Which yarn did you use? It looks beautiful.

Stephanie said...

Yes, I do seem to have more and more people asking me to make things up for them Mitsy! It's okay though, as I can only knit/crochet so many things for myself :)

I'll look up all the yarn I used and let you know!

grammi said...

I love your colours and the scalloped edge, so pretty! Where do I get the pattern for the edging?



grammi said...

Love the colours and the edging is pretty too.

Where did you get the pattern for the edging?


Gail said...

I'm generally not fond of granny square afghans, but yours is a beauty! Love the color combo and the scalloped edging.

Everlasting said...

Love the edge and the colors too!
Lovely! Bravo!:)

gnomeangel said...

This is stunning! I love the colour combination and the edging. Amazing! I can't believe it was your first!


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