Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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Where have I been?
The question really is when can I take a break!?

I'll give you a run down of what's been going on in my little corner of the world.

First, I decided to change my bedroom. I have beautiful gray walls and dark wood furniture in the room. I initially accented everything in oranges and greens, but have recently decided I wanted to use steely purples, cream, and lavenders to lighten everything up. My mom has sewn together half a dozen new pillows for the bed, and I've recently finished crocheting a beautiful granny square blanket that matches the new pillows.

Then there was a blizzard. A record breaking amount of snow was coming our way and Lee and I decided to visit family so that we would miss it. When we came home 5 days later to a winter wonderland, there was a second blizzard. We've not received mail in a week. Grocery stores are no longer stocked with the basics. And because my husband had a kidney transplant less than 2 months ago, I've been shoveling our way to the outside world for days and days and days.

Our dogs haven't had proper exercise in weeks and beginning to become destructive in their boredom.

What could make things even more exciting you ask?

We decided to remodel our front entrance and downstairs bathroom in the middle of the chaos. We put in a new sink, toilet, and ceramic tiles on the floor. We repainted, and repaired surprise holes in the wall. We did it all while being told that the garbage men couldn't haul anything away for a week.

It's been crazy.

But, my husband went back to work today, healthy and happy.
Some more snow fell, but this time it wasn't as hard to shovel it all away.
And our bathroom and front entrance is beautiful.

Now if only Valley Forge Park would open back up so that the dogs and I could get some much needed exercise and sunshine!


BARBARIX said...

wow soo much work done! congrats

ArtMind said...

Aahhhh, I was REALLY getting worried! Good that you got so much stuff done around! I'm also waiting for spring to arrive that walks and being outside is just a tad bit nicer! Good to hear that Lee is happy and healthy! :)
I made the mistake of letting my niece wear the berrete you send me for my birthday. Now she wants me to buy her one on Etsy as she loves it! ;) Do you do custom work?


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