Saturday, December 19, 2009

When it Snows

And I mean SNOWS, (as in feet of snow) why not learn something new?
That's exactly what I am doing while the snow slowly buries me inside of my home. Why oh why did I not go get some milk and eggs like the rest of South Eastern PA?

Hey, at least this wool is entertaining me, right? And awful pretty too if I don't say so myself. I picked up the roving from Barrister Lane Fiber on etsy. And I've ordered some more from Sheepish Creations because I am really enjoying this whole spinning thing!

One last picture before I get back to work:

Stay warm everyone!

1 comment:

ArtMind said...

You know how to spin? Awesome! ENjoy!
At last it's snowing here too! Yay! :)


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