Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Flickr Favorites - Happy Holidays

First off, Oops! . . .I'm a day late on my favorites.

Second, Happy Holidays everyone!

I was in my hometown with my family until 5:00am this morning. For medical reasons (specifically, he may get his kidney transplant!) Lee and I had to truck it back down to our home and may or may not miss Christmas with the family (we'll know for sure by this afternoon). It happens, and it sucks, but the main thing is that everyone is happy and healthy.

I hope the rest of you have a wonderful Holiday and are staying toasty in this chilly weather! (should you have chilly weather)

(I'm writing in parentheses a lot)
(sorry about that!)

Want to make your own flickr favorites? Head on over to Mitsy's blog and sign up!
And speaking of Miss Mitsy:

Mitsy I LOVED the buttons :)


ArtMind said...

Oh my, I can understand your excitement and I really hope that all will go well! Keep me posted if you have a chance. That way I can send healing vibes to Lee when he needs it!
Hope you didn't fight over the buttons with your mom & grandmom! ;)
Happy X-mas my friend! Thinking of you! :)

Clair said...

Well, I'm a day late with all of my commenting . It got very hectic at my house yesterday but for far less serious reasons than you've mentioned.

I hope that everything goes well for you and yours over the holidays x

Giselle said...

Super cute..!!!

Happy holidays...!!



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