Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eating and Eating Up Wool

As I said earlier, I wanted to make a Wool Eater blanket after seeing the beautiful blanket made by Sarah London. So I ran off to by some yarn in the brightest, happiest colors I could find, and began crocheting.

I decided I liked the look of the squares as well, squares. So I am seaming these together the same way you might join granny squares together. You can also just crochet around and around until you have a giant Wool Eater square.

I love the way it is coming together, but it will definitely need a good blocking so that all the squares lay flat!

Oh, and sorry for the picture. It certainly isn't the best I could have taken! I normally take pictures of my knitting/crocheting outside on our deck, but at the moment our deck is wet with melting snow. I promise the next wool eater picture will be much better! 

1 comment:

ArtMind said...

They look like they are a lot of work to make besides that they eat a lot of wool! Greedy bastards! ;)
What kind of yarn is it?


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