Sunday, September 27, 2009

More on the Cards

After getting Olive and Ruby (my card shop) up and running, things have been going quite well! I have been real pleased with how the photos came out (I reshot all of the cards before putting them up in the shop instead of recycling the old pictures I had of them).

In fact I was so pleased with the pictures I thought I would submit one of them to craftgawker. Have you ever been there? I love to browse it's pages looking at beautiful artwork, jewelry, pottery, etc. etc. I wasn't sure if my photos were good enough to be accepted to the site, but as luck would have it my wildflowers notecard set was accepted! If you scroll halfway down the first page you'll see it!! 

If you've never been to the site before you'll be in for a real treat too, as everything featured on there is just amazing! Enjoy :)


Erin said...

Rockin' Congrats on getting the new shop up and running. And the photo that accompanies the post is so pretty and autumnal. Those indigos and cobalts, eh?

Jaimee said...

Your photos really came out great!
Could I ask what type of lighting you used? I always have trouble with my product shots being to dark even after touching up.



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