Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crafting -Day One

Does anyone know what a Mandolin(e) is? Not the instrument, but the food slicer. Well we own one, and while they are very handy, they are very deadly on index fingers. I'm still in recovery mode after losing a chunk of my left index finger to our handy little food slicer, and so I haven't been able to draw any new prints.

Needing to fill my time with something fun I've decided to work on a couple crafty projects. Here is the first:

Any guesses as to what it is? I'll give you a hint; there will be some knit work attached to it. I won't tell you what it is though until it's completed!! Oh, and thanks to my mom for helping to sew this together! I am not the most adept person in the world on a sewing machine. :)

Tomorrows crafty project? Finishing up some metal letter stamped gift tags via Mitsy's fun tutorial!


Jaimee said...

Hope the finger is mending well...ouch!

ArtMind said...

My guess would be a bag... as I think your quite a baglady! LOL
I hope you will show us the tags you made! :)

Stephanie said...

Mitsy I should have known you to guess EXACTLY what I am making! I think you know me a bit too well :) --be on the look out for the gift tags. I'll post them today!


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