Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flickr Favorites -Hand Knits

. . . and just a little bit of crochet! I don't know if I am jumping the gun here, but I've been getting started with my hand knit gifts for this holiday season. It looks like I'll be making 2 berets, 1 pair of mittens, 1 pair of fingerless gloves, 2-3shawls, and maybe a blanket. I won't be saying who gets what, obviously, but if you think there is a chance you are getting something(s) hand knit *hint hint* I hope you are excited :)

My mosaic this week is a look at some of the things I am working on! Enjoy - 
And here's hoping I can finish it all before December!


Barbara said...

I am very jealous of people that can crochet.
I tried to learn many times but it is just not for me.
I am not patient enough for it.

Stephanie said...

Oh don't be jealous! I wanted to crochet soooo bad for quite a long time, and after much prodding from miss Artmind herself (and with lots of helpful hints and tips too) I managed to get the hang of it! I love going between the two, but knitting is my personal favorite.

ArtMind said...

Ohh, I wish I could start on my holiday gifts! But still too much on my mind at the moment!
And yes... I'm excited! ;)


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