Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crafting -Day Two

Well it is a light crafting day here because I am also packing to go up to my cousin's wedding which is this Saturday, but I did make a few gift tags using Mitsy's awesome Metal Letter Stamp Tutorial

I will definitely be making more for the holidays, just as soon as I get some appropriate cookie cutters. I don't really bake cookies, let alone shaped cookies, so my assortment to choose from was kind of meager (and this is AFTER I took a couple of my family members cookie cutters):

I love all the fun shapes, but I need some Christmas tree type deals for the holidays I think. I still need to play around with how thick the clay is before I stamp, as a couple of them were a bit too thin, but all in all they are pretty great! I also like that they can double as ornaments for the tree after they have served their gift tag purpose. Here is what I've done so far:

And before you think, "is she actually so crazy as to make gift tags for dogs?!" Yes. I am. But my dogs, and the dogs of our immediate family members, always get a present or two. This year I think it is new collars and ID tags. See, I'm not too crazy :)

(Oh. Mitsy, did you see you have a tag there? That is for YOUR future Secret Christmas present! he he he)

I would definitely recommend trying out this tutorial. I thought it was a lot of fun, and I think kids would really get a kick out of it too. The possibilities are endless as to what you can do with them, and if  you have a bandaged up banged up finger like moi, you can still make something pretty without too much effort of your left hand.  Enjoy!


ArtMind said...

I'm so jealous of the fun shapes you have! I love the doggies! So cute!!!
You did a great job, Stephanie. I hope it was fun to do too!
Thanks for already making a tag for my secret X-mas present. I just decided on what yours will be - now I hope I have enough time to do it! Hehe! :)
Thanks for posting the result dear and enjoy your time at the wedding! :)

Stephanie said...

I can't wait to make more of these tags Mitsy. Just need some better cookie cutter shapes! Only two of these cookie-cutter shapes belonged to me, one of which is the doggie! I love that one to death! :)

Thanks for posting such a fun tutorial!!

Jaimee said...

How fun! My little guy would love making those...we just might have to try it out :) Thanks!


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