Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pass the Mayo

Mitsy announced that it is Belgium's National Holiday today, and as I looked at her beautiful flickr favorites I knew at once she was missing something critical. Super critical:

1. 102_3933, 2. Belgium fries with mayo, 3. belgian-fries-in-park-slope, 4. Ghent (Belgium) - French Fries Forks - december 2005

Okay, actually it wasn't critical but I decided that I would pay tribute to the Belgian (french) fry! 
I'll take mine sans mayo.

Want to make your own flickr favorites? Head over to Mitsy's blog and play along already!


ArtMind said...

Hahaha, I know I was missing out on them but I wanted to use the column moasic and only could add 4 pictures! :)
I love fries and YES, we will eat fries with mayonaise for out National day today! Yumyum!
Thanks for paying a tribute to the fries, but where is the chocolate? LOL :)

Stephanie said...

HA! I know I missed out on the chocolate, which I personally would prefer over fries, but after I saw the picture of the colorful fry forks (which how cool that you have a fork for fries!) I decided I'd go with a fry theme!


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