Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flickr Favorites (week 10)

I have on thing on my mind. The Mailbox. Why? I am waiting in vain for two packages. One comes from a ravelry trade/sale, and the other comes from my FAVORITE yarn site. Both contain the same thing: The Natural Dye Studio Yarn.  I am waiting for one skein of rose colored Dazzle Sock Yarn, 2 skeins of Caress Alpaca/Silk DK yarn of the purple/green/pink persuasion, and finally 1 skein of blue and purple Chi sock yarn. I hope to have it all by the end of the week.

My flickr favorite this week is all about, you guessed it, dye studio yarn! Okay, actually only the two squares with skeins of yarn are actually dye studio yarn, but it is still a celebration! Check out their site if you knit or crochet. You won't regret it. And if you want to make your own mosaic head on over to Mitsy's blog and play along!

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ArtMind said...

Ohh, I am so hapy to see that you have added not less then TWO crocheted scarfs! Can I see an addiction? ;) LOL
I added the person who made them to my contacts! I love the designs! Must search her on Ravelry too! :) Thanks for sharing so much goodies! :)


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