Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flickr Favorites - Itty Bitty

This is the first Tuesday of the month, so we get a theme to make our flickr favorites by. This month the theme was to create something teeny, tiny. The first two photos are from the same person. I just couldn't help but include both of them though! Elsita, has some of the most intricate paper cut designs I've ever seen. And that exacto knife!? What!? Once the little man goes down for his nap I'm going to investigate her shop in more detail. :)

Want to check out some other teeny tiny flickr favorites?
Head on over here!


kraplap said...

so sweet; those tiny baby feet are terrific in this mosaic !!

Andreia said...

Beautiful choices!

ArtMind said...

I too had Elsita's designs in my first mosaic but then changed my mind again. She has wonderful work! I started answering your convo and then I refreshed and was upset and angry at Etsy! LOL
Anyway, I meant to say that I'm so glad to hear all is well and that you are in good spirits!! Keep well, sweet! XO


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