Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flickr Favorites - Collector

I never thought about it much before, but I guess I am a collector.
The thought occurred to me last week after seeing ArtMind's flickr favorites about collecting little bits from nature.

My weakness is dinnerware.

I guess it started with my desire for our everyday dishes to all be handmade. We have a dozen dinner plates, 12 or more desert plates, and about 14 bowls of various shapes and sizes. They are all different in size shape and color and I love that. I look forward to opening up the cupboard door and picking out which colorful piece of dinnerware to use each day. And I long for the day when I can have glass front cabinet doors to showcase all of my unique pieces.

Then one day I saw a picture in a magazine.
(the third picture in my flickr favorites to be exact)
I found a new obsession.

Latte Bowls
These beauties called to me mainly because of how colorful they are. I found a small shop down at the Italian Market in Philadelphia which sold beautiful latte bowls. Tons of color choices on the outsides, and fresh white on the insides. Every time we made a trip down there I picked out one or two new bowls for the collection. Until the day they stopped carrying them. Apparently I was the only person around who had collected the pretty dishes, which wasn't reason enough to keep them in stock. Dang.

So I started collecting them at the well known store, Anthropologie. Their bowls come in a beautiful assortment of colors, but they don't have the pretty white insides. A minor detail I know, but one I've come to accept in my quest to obtain more and more latte bowls. They are just another reason to get those white glass front cabinets installed sooner rather than later :)

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Nauli said...

Hmm, I just realized, that I might still call myself a collector, although I thought I'm not anymore... because I still buy porcelain... But it's in use every day! So, I think, that's okay...

Wish you a lovely week!

ArtMind said...

Good thing you use your collection so that you can add more to it until forever. Ususally, collections gather dust and it seems such a waste of space really but the joy of collecting can be so fulfilling!


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