Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Work (Part III)

This time the new work is not my own.
It is actually the work of my mom, creator behind all the lovelies over at Pine Hill Forest. I just updated her banner for her, and took the pictures of her newest line.

I am so in love with her newest creations, and own about 5 of them myself. These little zipper pouches have been my life saver when it comes to keep my knitting needles and notions organized. I'm also thinking I need a custom little one to have in my purse to hold the all important chap sticks and lip glosses that I can never find.

The new bags:
Aren't they the cutest!? (confession. I'm in love with the little blue dog on her blue floral pouch!)
Keep on the look out for more new bags to be listed in the shop soon!

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